‘I think they should look for other options’ - Louth councillors stand firm against proposed waste charges

"This will likely lead to an increase in fly tipping" - Councillor Brian Burnett. (Photo: ELDC)
"This will likely lead to an increase in fly tipping" - Councillor Brian Burnett. (Photo: ELDC)
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Town councillors in Louth say they fear an increase in fly tipping if proposed charges to collect green waste in the East Lindsey district go ahead.

Members of Louth Town Council were asked to give their views at the meeting last night (Tuesday) on the proposals by East Lindsey District Council, which could see rate payers forking out on top of their council tax to have their green bins emptied.

“If they stop collecting it, where are we going to put it?” Councillor Gus Robertson asked the room.

Coun Brian Burnett, a former chairman of an ELDC waste committee, said he understood the £2 million of cuts the authority had to make, but warned of a likely increase in fly tipping.

“Government grants have been cut, ELDC have to find more and more money,” he said.

“The new fleet of lorries they have bought have in-cab technology which can show who has actually paid.

“But this will likely lead to an increase in fly tipping, they need a way of balancing the budget for next year but I think they should look for other options.”

The district council believe the move will save them £800,000 a year and have proposed two options, a £15 charge for 12 collections between May and September or £22.50 for the full collection season.

“The green waste stops people from having bonfires in their gardens, they will just start up again,” said Coun Eileen Ballard.

“That’s another reason they should avoid the changes.”

Coun Burnett continued: “It’s fairly easy for those who have cars and live in Louth, but if you live in Binbrook you’re not going to drive to Louth with your grass cuttings.”

Coun Laura Stephenson, a town and district councillor, called on East Lindsey to draw from their reserves to fund the shortfall and avoid such charges.

“They could have taken it (the money) from the So Festival!” declared Coun Andrew Leonard, who then asked if ELDC’s decision to buy a fleet of new waste vehicles with the in-cab technology meant the green waste verdict was ‘already a foregone conclusion’.

But Coun Burnett told him this wasn’t the case, while insisting there was money to be saved by ELDC’s waste teams ‘working more efficiently’ and changing their waste round structures.

Residents can visit www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/consultation or their local customer service or leisure centre to take part in the green waste consultation before April 30.