Is a Co-operative Food store set to open up its door for residents who are living in the Sutton on Sea area?


Is there a future opportunity set for a Co-operative Food store to open up its doors for residents living in the Sutton on Sea area?

A site has become available in the town, which could show an opportunity for a supermarket, but this potential for a new store 
is currently at a very early stage.

A Spokesperson for Co-operative Food explained: “The Co-operative Food has a clear vision to be the best local food retailer in the UK.

“Over the coming years our main focus will be to develop our existing convenience store estates.

“We are aware of a site in the Sutton on Sea area, but we cannot comment on specific properties at this time. ”

A plan is already in place to build a new 
Tesco supermarket in Mablethorpe, but there is yet no indication on when the building work for this new store will begin.

Aldi have also expressed their interest of having a store in the coastal area as well, meaning competition for land in the town could be fierce in the coming year.

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