Louth Cattle Market sales

PRIME cattle met with a strong trade again at Louth Cattle Market on Thursday.

The top price per kg in the prime cattle ring was for a smart BRB x steer from J D Johnson Ltd weighing 600 kgs and selling for 229.50 ppk (£1,377) to Chris Bustance.

The top price steer per head was for a Sim x from G S Paul weighing 812 kgs and selling for 177.50 ppk (£1,441).

The top price heifer per kg and per head was for a Lim x from H Smith & Sons weighing 575 kgs and selling for 228.50 ppk (£1,313) to David Sandham Trading Ltd.

The top price per kg for cull cows was split two ways with a Sim x cow from G & B Dobson Ltd weighing 606 kgs and a Char x cow from Pennell Bros weighing 795 kgs, both making 153.50 ppk, with the Pennell Bros cow being the top price per head grossing at £1,220.

The top price cull bull was 113.50 ppk (£1,362) for a Lim bull from R A Wilson & Son that sold to Paul Cash.