Louth hotel officially joins ‘dementia-friendly’ scheme


The Brackenborough Hotel in Louth has become one of the first hotels in the area to take action to become a ‘dementia-friendly hotel’.

Following a training session with a representative from the Alzheimer’s Society, and investing in a few simple changes, the hotel has now officially joined the national Dementia Action Alliance.

Ashley Lidgard, hotel owner, said: “We have people of all ages and from all walks of life stay with us, and when we learned of this initiative we thought it was a great concept.

“If we can remove obstacles and making someone’s stay more comfortable then we will always try - dementia 
sufferers should have the same hotel experience as everyone else.”

To make a room suitable for those suffering dementia, some of the requirements include: plain wall coverings and flooring; coloured stickers on light switches and electrical sockets; coloured toilet paper, toilet seats and towels; clear signage throughout the building, and clocks that always display the time and date.

Mr Lidgard continues: “We were more than happy to put these changes in place, as well as be aware of other needs guests may have, such as not having white crockery on white linen in the bistro, or experiencing issues with plain, clear glassware.

“The training session for our customer-facing staff made us aware of the difficulties those with dementia may encounter, and providing guests are identified to us in advance, we are now able to make their stay as pleasant as possible. It is all about the little changes that can make a big difference.”