More cattle needed at Louth market to meet huge demand

There was another strong trade in the prime cattle ring at Louth Cattle Market last Thursday with some very smart cattle forward for sale.

Heifers averaged a massive 235.61ppk with a top price of (£1,454). Steers averaged a strong 213.03ppk with a top price of £1,470). The overall average continues to rise week by week with a further increase to 223.56ppk which makes Louth the third highest prime cattle average in England and they also have the highest average in this area.

Many more cattle are desperately needed to meet demand.

Thursday also saw the first of the breeding cattle forward for the year with cows and calves topping at £1,400.

Another good entry of 321 hoggs saw a further increase in the trade with an average of 163.30ppk with a top price of £87.