New car park system for Louth Morrisons store


MORRISONS in Louth will be focusing their attention on parking next week as a new ParkingEye management system is due to be implemented.

The store located in Eastgate has been instructed by their head office that the new system will be put in place and will take affect on Monday November 28.

ParkingEye is an automatic number plate recognition car park management system that photographs cars when they enter and leave the car park.

The system is intended for monitoring free, limited time and paid parking environments.

Customers will only be allowed to park in Morrisons for a maximum of two hours and if motorists exceed this time allowance then a fine will be issued through the post.

As previously reported there are issues over the amount of parking provisions currently available in the town.

With a new restricted parking enforcement scheme at Morrisons alongside uncertainties with Eastgate car park and the cattle market, some worry it may present a cause for concern.

The food store has received complaints from customers about the struggle to find a parking space at various busy periods throughout the week.

This new car parking management system aims to resolve this problem by ensuring a greater turnover of spaces.

A spokesperson for Morrisons said: “At Morrisons, customer service is of paramount importance to us.

“We only use parking controls when it is necessary to ensure sufficient parking spaces are available for shoppers”.

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