New local apple juice on sale at the Co-op

A new apple juice made locally and named after a church is on sale at Lincolnshire Co-op’s stores.

St Botolph’s apple juice is made by Skidbrooke Cyder, based in Skidbrooke. As well as apples from the farm’s own orchards, it uses leftover apples from local people, some farmers and a packing house.

The apples may not be suitable for retail sale or, are part of a windfall that needs using up.

Each apple is checked by hand before being milled and then pulped through a belt press. The juice from that process is pasteurised, then bottled and ready for sale.

Guy and Kate Williams, who run Skidbrooke, first started supplying Lincolnshire Co-op with traditional cider in 2008 when the range first launched.

Guy said: “When we first started selling cider commercially, people thought we were mad – Lincolnshire wasn’t known for cider.

“Now it seems to have taken off as more people want a traditional still cider, full of taste. We’re making 50,000 litres a year and other small-scale producers have popped up, though we believe we’re still the only farmhouse producer in the county.

“We’re pleased to be adding St Botolph’s apple juice to the cider we already sell as part of the Love Local range. We agree with the co-operative ethos and it’s also great to be able to have a presence across the county, which we wouldn’t be able to achieve on our own.”

Named after the church in Skidbrooke, which the Williams’ family can see from their farmhouse, St Botolph’s apple juice is made from varieties of apple including pink lady, braeburn, granny smith, golden delicious and cox.

Guy said: “It’s not been diluted with water, it hasn’t got sugar added to it. What you can taste is purely the apples.”

Lincolnshire Co-op sells 750ml and 330ml bottles as part of its Love Local range.

Supply Chain Manager Nicola Berry said: “At Lincolnshire Co-op, we’re always looking at ways we can cut waste in our business. Not only does this apple juice taste great, but it’s produced with waste reduction in mind and is also made with the support of other local people and businesses.”