Oxfam customers get Nectar points

The Oxfam shop in Market Place, Louth, has a new partnership with Nectar. Customers who sign up to Tag Your Bag, Oxfam’s Gift Aid scheme will be able to earn two points for every £1 their donated items raise when sold in Oxfam shops or online.

Customers will also receive 100 points when they first sign up.

Nick Riches, Louth Oxfam shop manager, said: “We’re delighted that customers will now be able to earn Nectar points on items that they donate to the Louth Oxfam shop through Tag Your Bag. This not only acts as a useful incentive to drive much-needed quality donations to our shop but it also provides Nectar collectors with a great way in which to earn further Nectar points.”

Customers can sign up to Tag Your Bag in your local Oxfam shop or by visiting www.oxfam.org.uk/tagyourbag. They will receive a welcome pack which includes the all-important tags (pictured right) which must be attached to the bag of donated goods before being dropped at an Oxfam store.

Oxfam will process all donations, adding a code unique to the donor to each item to ensure that sales can be tracked back to the individual donor, allowing points to be awarded if the item is sold in store or through Oxfam’s online shop.