‘Selfish’ few may spoil seafront facility for all

The destoryed Huttoft barrier
The destoryed Huttoft barrier

Damage caused by “a handful of selfish people” to a barrier at Huttoft Car Terrace may force the county council to close the facility permanently.

The maximum height barrier was put in the place last summer to stop motorhome owners staying on the premises overnight or for long periods of time. But at the weekend the barrier was snapped off at its base.

Lincolnshire County Council is currently working closely with Lincolnshire Police to catch the culprits, but police confirmed “enquiries are ongoing as it is not yet clear whether the damage to the barrier has been caused by an RTC or by deliberate criminal damage.”

Following the damage from the weekend, Huttoft Parish Council is looking for answers.

Council chairman, Nigel Sylvester said: “Local residents are disgusted with the damage that has taken place over the weekend.

“Huttoft Parish Council wish to know what the authorities and police are doing to stop this.

“People in the area feel intimidated and frightened. We do not want to lose this facility.”

Coun Colin Davie, executive member for the environment, added: “I was disgusted to hear that the barriers were removed at the weekend and we have since been working closely with Lincolnshire Police.

“The barriers will be replaced forthwith, and we are also considering other long-term options that are available, including permanently closing the car park. I hope it will never come to this, but if we continue to be faced with mindless acts of vandalism, we will be left with no other option.”

Coun Stephen Palmer also echoes the fear that the county council may be forced to close the car terrace.

He said: “The problem is the county council is not going to keep rebuilding barriers at tax payers expense to keep out the freeloaders and one option could be to close the site to all traffic. That would be a terrible shame for everyone and I sincerely hope it does not come to that. I really hope that a hand full of selfish people do not ruin it for hundreds of locals and tourists that love to come for a day at Huttoft.”