Tips to protect farmers from crime

AS criminal activity on farms increases, national insurance broker, Bluefin, offers practical advice to help farmers protect agricultural tools, machinery and livestock.

According to the NFU, theft is estimated to have cost the UK farming industry almost £50 million in 2010 with tools, tractors, heating oil and fuel topping the list of targeted items.

Tips for farms to increase security and reduce theft to help keep insurance premiums low include the following -

Lock fuel tanks with quality locks or even re-site then in locked buildings

Lock away tools and equipment in secure workshops and tool cabinets with quality locks, grilling or even consider bricking up windows to prevent access

Secure All Terrain Vehicles/Quad Bikes with a chain to a solid object and lock them away in buildings making access difficult

Agricultural vehicles should be put away at night in securely locked buildings and any keys removed

Install CCTV and consider other types of security protection such as infra-red beams fitted across yards or gateways which activate alarms if the beam is broken

Install a lockable bar gate at the entrance to the farm to prevent vehicle access

Fit tracking devices to vehicles, particularly valuable tractors, so that items can be traced and found easily if stolen

Fit immobilisers to vehicles particularly valuable tractors to prevent items being driven away