Trotter’s staff fearing for jobs

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CONCERNS are mounting for Trotter’s Traders staff with their future remaining unclear due to the decision on their appeal being delayed by East Lindsey District Council.

The wholesale store has been deemed too far out of town by the district council, taking away trade from the centre of Louth.

The statutory expiry date for the shop’s appeal lapsed on August 29 with no decision or extension date given.

The enforcement order served in November to close the premises comes into effect on November 27, and Trotter’s are frustrated that their appeal application won’t be considered until October, 16 weeks after they submitted the new application.

ELDC spokesman James Gilbert said: “The district council has received a further revised planning application from Trotter’s Traders to seek approval to operate from their current location and that will go before the planning committee for consideration in October.”

Trotter’s are concerned that the decision has not yet been made, causing further concern to staff who are unsure of their futures.

Simon Dennis, architectual consultant for KD Design and agent for the application, said: “The delay in this decision is causing concern to staff at Trotter’s as their employment future hangs in the balance.

“We submitted the application 12 weeks ago and we’re disappointed that we’re paying for a service and not receiving one.”

He added: “My current belief is therefore that currently the local authority are operating a ‘restraint of trade’ against Trotter’s Traders.”

Partner in the business, Dougie Wadham, said: “My main concern at this time is my staff and the effect this application is having on them and future orders for the business.

“There are other retail outlets doing business outside of the town further away from what we are. Why are we the only ones being jumped upon? It makes us feel victimised.

“There are no other outlets within the town where we can trade. If there was we’d happily move into the town.

“B&Q can come into the town and trade, a nationwide chain. Where is the support for local business?”

Simon Dennis continued: “There is a great deal of local support for this company. The town council have supported this application, indeed the ELDC purchase from Trotter’s. They won’t give planning permission but will shop here.”

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