Update: Applebys trading name has not been sold

Applebys Travel.
Applebys Travel.

Applebys Coaches’ trading name has not been sold, contrary to reports in the media which have surfaced in the past few days.

The travel company’s parent owners Bowen Travel Group went into administration in October and offices in Louth, Conisholme and North Somercotes were all closed with the loss of over 70 jobs.

Administrators Deloitte have confirmed today that they are following up interest in the Applebys trading name, but insist no deal has been finalised.

It has been reported that a local businessman is attempting to revive Appleby.

A Deloitte spokesperson said this morning (Thursday): “I can confirm that we are, currently, not in talks with any parties regarding the sale of the depot at Conisholme or LF Bowen Ltd itself, which was trading under Bowens, Applebys, and Yorks.

“We are, however, following up on interest in the Applebys trading name. We will issue a statement accordingly, if the situation changes.”

This afternoon, Deloitte moved to clarify speculation over Applebys. They said they were ‘aware that there has been a lot of talk regarding this and would like to clarify the situation from their point of view’.

A Deloitte spokesperson said: “The liquidators of Bowen Travel Group would like to clarify that, contrary to recent reports, the Applebys trading name has not been sold.

“Speculation or claims otherwise are false. Any use of the trading name, or the intention of using the trading name, has been done without the knowledge or agreement of the liquidators. We are, of course, open to having discussions with any interested parties.”

More information will follow as we get it.