Video: 970-home housing plan for Louth goes under public scrutiny at consultation evening

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A near 1,000 home housing development for the edge of Louth, dubbed the ‘Louth Southern Gateway’, was put to the public for the first time at a consultation event held at Louth Town Hall on Wednesday.

The plans, initially put forward by Gladman Developments and landowners AR and MA Pridgeon, include 970 homes and a new primary school on farmland off Legbourne Road.

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The proposed new development would extend from south of Eresbie Road down to the roundabout at Kenwick Hill and Manby Road.

The plans, which have not yet been put forward as an official planning application, evoked a mixed reaction from residents.

Nearby Virginia Drive couple Gareth and Tina Batten said they had ‘deep concerns’ about what they had seen.

“With 970 houses you’re talking an extra 2,500 people into the area, with no mention of extra A&E or ambulance cover,” said Gareth.

“There’s no mention of a secondary school, something which is already under pressure in this area.

“The extra traffic will be a danger to children and older people with more traffic feeding into Stewton Lane which is a minor road anyway.

“There are very few jobs here and wages are notoriously low.”

His wife Tina added: “We understand they need houses but they should think about the infrastructure.

“It needs to be better thought through, with more consideration given to the facilities and infrastructure to go along with it.”

Andy Booth, of Globe Consultations, said the plans were ‘very much work in progress’.

“We’ve got things now that we can actually show people, these are ideas and it’s about building through to what the final plans will look like,” he said.

“Our job is to take what people say away and look at it, if we can take things on board then it’s right that we look at that.

“It might be as simple as a design.”

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