Businesses and residents welcome town centre parking improvements in Mablethorpe

Shop owners and residents have welcomed plans to improve parking arrangements in Mablethorpe which they say will benefit 
blue-badge holders and town centre businesses.

The changes, planned to be implemented by Lincolnshire County Council in the Autumn, include the introduction of new disabled parking bays nearer to the town centre - and the relaxation of regulations regarding loading bays in the High Street.

It means businesses will have until 10am to unload goods - a major help at the start of the day.

Ian Mickleburgh, senior highways officer at Lincolnshire County Council, said the changes were being brought in specifically for Mablethorpe following requests from residents and businesses.

He said: “In the autumn, we’ll be making some changes in the centre of town in Mablethorpe.

“This will include the creation of some disabled spaces near the High Street.

“It’s not possible to put spaces on the High Street itself as this would severely affect the flow of traffic.

“However, we are planning to relax the loading ban on the High Street so that it doesn’t begin until 10am.

“Not only will this make life easier for businesses it will also mean that blue badge holders can also park on the High Street up to that time, as long as they aren’t causing an obstruction.”

The new disabled bays will be located in Seacroft Road, Victoria Road and Admiralty Road. The county council’s plans have 
received positive feedback.

Jean Turner, owner of The Shell Shop in the High Street, said she is happy loading times will be extended.

She added: “It will definitely be a benefit getting that extra hour in the morning to unload our goods.

“I can see that it will keep a lot of the nearby business owners happy.”

Blue badge holder Ann Warrick said: “I rarely park in Mablethorpe because there isn’t a lot of parking for blue badge holders in the town itself.

“If more spaces are being made up, I would definitely come and shop in the town.”

Stuart Hurren said: “It is about time more parking spaces were provided for blue badge holders as parking in the centre of town has always been a pain.”