Busy time for the quality beasts at town Cattle Market

It was another busy Cattle Market at Louth with no empty pens in the cattle building for the third week in a row.

The trade was good in all sections with a large number of quality beasts forward for sale.

The prime ring saw a fast trade for all types with heifers averaging 235.49ppk and topping at 248.50ppk(£1538).

Bulls averaged 229.08ppk and topped at 230.50ppk(£1336) and steers averaged 215.68ppk and topped at 228.50ppk(£1483). The overall average was 227.84ppk(£1252).

The highest prime cattle average in England this week (FWI as at 26/4/2013).

A better entry of cull cows this week met a fast trade with an overall average of 161.45ppk and a top price of 180.50ppk(£1336).

This week saw a good entry for the Spring breeding sale with cows and calves selling to £1700, breeding bulls to £1780 and in-calvers selling to £1520 with bulling heifers selling to £1075.

The store cattle keep coming with another good entry of 150 with steers topping at £1500, heifers topping at £1270 and bulls topping at £850.

An entry of 130 prime sheep saw hoggs average 172.49ppk and top at 212ppk(£100)with a small entry of spring lambs average 204.85ppk and top at 227.00ppk (£100.00).

An entry of 30 cull ewes topped at £118. An entry of 13 store lambs topped at £86.

Young bulls: Thre bulls averaged 229.08ppk and topped at 230.50ppk(£1336).

Prime cattle: six strs averaged 215.68ppk and topped at 228.50ppk (£1483); 10 hfrs averaged 235.49ppk and topped at 248.50ppk (£1538).

OTM & OSTM: five cows averaged 161.45ppk and topped at 180.50ppk (£1335)

Breeding cattle: Two breeding bulls averaged £1440 and topped at £1780; 25 cows and calves averaged £1227 and topped at £1700; eight in calvers averaged £1316.88 and topped at £1520.

Store cattle: 71 steers averaged £845.08 and topped at £1500; 75 heifers averaged £870.40 and topped at £1270; four bulls topped at £850.

The top price heifer per kilo and per head was a Parthanais x from J B Coupland & Son from Great Steeping weighing 619kgs and selling for 248.50ppk(£1538) to A Wright & Son of Boston.

The top price steer per kilo was a Parthanais x from S H Rutter weighing 545kgs and selling for 228.50ppk (£1245) to David Sandham Trading Ltd.