Bypass for trouts and eels on the River Bain


The Lincolnshire Chalk Streams project team are creating an innovative new ‘bypass’ for fish including the brown trout and eel on the River Bain in the Wolds.

The team are working with CLS Civil Engineering Ltd to recreate a new stretch of river to bypass some old weir structures close to the site of the Old Watermill at Donington on Bain.

They are creating a new channel, installing an innovative ‘log vane’ design by Prof Richard Hey, which incorporates special features designed to keep water flowing smoothly though drops in ground level.

The new channel will enable the fish to swim upstream to newly-created spawning habitat, and it is hoped that the increasingly rare water vole will be encouraged to live and breed in the area.

Ruth Snelson, project officer, Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project, said, “We’re very grateful to the landowner who is allowing us to dig up his land to put in the new channel, which we’re sure will have great benefits to a variety of wildlife. We had to get planning permission for the work, but I’m pleased to say that we will retain the upper mill race, so at least there will be some trace of where the old stream came down to the mill.”