Call for action to fix road between Grainthorpe and Yarburgh strewn with ‘over 60 potholes’

Pot holes on the road near Austin Fen are up to five inches deep.
Pot holes on the road near Austin Fen are up to five inches deep.

A woman has called on road bosses to take action after chasing them for over three months over a village road strewn with deep potholes.

Catherine Burton claims both her father’s car and her own have been damaged by craters on the Fen Lane road between Grainthorpe and Yarburgh, some of which are over five inches deep.

She estimates there are over 60 potholes on the road, an issue she has repeatedly raised with highways officers at Lincolnshire County Council but she is yet to see major action taken.

She said: “There are potholes in the middle of the road and when it rains you just can’t see how deep they are.

“I will not let this drop as these severe potholes are on a double bend and with the road side growing up, visability is low and very dangerous.”

Catherine said officers have been out to the road to fill in ‘lesser potholes’ but claimed she had been advised that the council intended to carry out more extensive work, but has heard nothing since.

The county council’s highways department spends more than £50 million a year on road repairs and will spend an extra £6.5million over the next two years.

It says it is ‘not usually’ liable to pay for damage to vehicles or injuries caused by potholes and it is ‘not expected to keep roads free of potholes at all times’.

Catherine added: “This all stems from my father hitting a pothole when I first reported them for which they attended and filled the one hole that had done the damage.

“He has since had his money back for the repair, and now I am having to go through the same long process for damage done to my wheel.

“The council have done nothing with this for road for at least three years, it’s as if they dont want to spend money sorting out the mess this road has become.”

Dean Myhill, area highways manager at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “We’re aware of the problems on this stretch of road and have already scheduled it for repair as part of our summer works programme.”

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