Call for ELDC to rejuvenate ‘struggling town markets’

ELDC HQ - Tedder Hall, Manby ENGEMN00120140114105907
ELDC HQ - Tedder Hall, Manby ENGEMN00120140114105907

A call has come for ELDC to show more enterprise in rejuvenating “struggling town markets”.

At a recent ELDC full council meeting, Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders urged the authority to learn from the Christmas market in Louth where the Town Council and the Town Partnership collaborated to ensure all the stalls were lit.

She said: “If volunteers can achieve this very high standard, using silent generators and well-thought out cabling, why is this council not able to provide such facilities to help regenerate our struggling market town markets? “

Portfolio Holder for Economic Regeneration, Coun Craig Leyland, replied: “The use of volunteers allows local organisers to deliver a range of one-off events that public service providers would not be able to fund on a day-to-day basis.”

Coun Leyland said ELDC showed its appreciation for the work of volunteers in a number of ways, including advice on running safe and legal events as well as providing funding through occasional councillor community grant schemes.