Call for the return of flood sirens in Sutton on Sea


Residents in Sutton on Sea have called out for the return of flood sirens in the town following concerns from the East Coast floods in 2013.

With the old war time sirens being taken down some time ago, residents are demanding a newer version to be put up, so they can be warned of future floods well in advance.

Town Councillor Bob Dawes, who oversees Sutton on Sea, has said that residents have approached him with concerns about future flooding and would like the sirens to return.

He added: “Residents have come to me with their concerns and as a town councillor, I try to pass on these concerns to the county council and the Environment Agency.

“The general consensus with residents in Sutton on Sea I have spoken with is that they would prefer to have a newer and updated version of the flood siren brought back into the town and use this as a warning method rather than the telephone messages.

“They feel there has been problems with the telephone system of messages not getting through and everyone is not yet on the system.”

“I also attended a recent meeting in Sutton on Sea where a representative from the Environment Agency was present, so I have also expressed residents’ concerns to them and gave them the suggestion of bringing back the flood sirens, so now I am awaiting a response.

David Powell, head of emergency planning for Lincolnshire County Council, said: “The flood sirens were decommissioned because they were outdated and no longer reliable. It wouldn’t have been good value for the taxpayer to attempt to maintain them.

“There is now a better system in place with the Environment Agency’s flood warning service, which is supported by central government.

“By signing up to this free service, residents receive information about the level of risk to their home or business, as a situation develops. The warnings can also tell residents what to do, which we couldn’t achieve previously with the sirens.”

n What do you think? Would you like to see the flood sirens brought back into Sutton on Sea?

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