Can the Sutton on Sea Carnival be salvaged?

Sutton on Sea Carnival Committee Frank Pilling, Doreen Pilling, Peter Hawkyard and Jeff Smith. Photo: Trevor Bradford.
Sutton on Sea Carnival Committee Frank Pilling, Doreen Pilling, Peter Hawkyard and Jeff Smith. Photo: Trevor Bradford.

ORGANISERS of the annual Sutton on Sea and Trusthorpe Carnival have raised fresh fears over the carnival’s future due to the event’s heightened expenses.

Committee members of this year’s carnival have dealt with an added amount of red tape brought in this year.

This has resulted in a substantial chunk of money being used from the carnival’s expenses just to make the event possible and brings forward added concerns that the extra costs are ‘killing the carnival’.

Over the years, the carnival has grown to be the major feature on the East Coast calendar, attracting wide spread crowds.

But after new changes brought in this year, outgoing committee chairman, Jeff Smith explained the difficulties faced: “It seems the knowledge and experience of the carnival committee gained over the years has been a complete waste of time, due to the changes insisted upon by Lincolnshire County Council.”

The carnival committee have dealt with the setbacks of no police or PCSO presence to control traffic, and when the committee suggested using their own stewards, this was also turned down, resulting in the committee having to pay out £748 for trained stewards.

They were no longer able to put up the necessary signage for the day and had to hire a specialised company, which added another £476 to their expenses.

Jeff added: “These additional costs this year have been a major setback to the carnival and have seen a small surplus from previous years decimated by what seems to the carnival committee completely unnecessary red tape insisted on by the council.”

A Lincolnshire Police spokesperson said: “In November 2010, ACC Keith Smy made a decision that Lincs Police could no longer be available for events to carry out traffic management.”

“It obviously takes a significant amount of staff as we have to ensure the safety of public and road users.

“His policy decision was that all events should be advised that from the end of 2011, they should look to make alternative arrangements.”

Projects manager for Highways, Graeme Butler, said: “The police no longer support events as they used to, the only alternative now is to close the road.

“The law states all road closures need signage to tell people of diversion routes and for barriers to be in place.

“Event organisers do need to supply this themselves, or via a private traffic management company. Sometimes stewards are required too.

“We don’t have any control over their charges."

Jeff added: “The committee felt that people should be aware of the problems that we have faced, as well as organisations all over the country.

“We are trying our best to keep local traditions alive, things that have been at the forefront of village life for years.”

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We would like to clarify, following our report in the Leader this week, that Frank and Doreen Pilling, and Peter Hawkyard, are not intending to leave the Sutton on Sea Carnival Committee along with outgoing chairman Jeff Smith.