Cancer Research UK tocash in after bags boost in Louth

Louth Slimming World consultant Angela Tellefsen.
Louth Slimming World consultant Angela Tellefsen.

Super slimmers in Louth that have lost weight have bagged up their old clothes all in the name of charity - to help out others in need.

Slimming World consultant Angela Tellefsen recently dropped off 50 bags of the clothes, shoes and accessories to the Cancer Research UK charity shop in the town.

All of the bags had come from members who slimmed out of their old wardrobes and feel confident they’ll never need their ‘before’ clothes again.

The local group is helping as part of the Slimming World organisations campaign, ‘The Big Slimming World Clothes Throw’.

Group member Sophie Archer has lost three stone since September 2016 and dropped from a dress size 18 to 10.

She said: “It felt amazing to donate all of my old clothes – liberating in fact!

“Bagging them up and saying goodbye was like a celebration of just how far I’ve come.”

Consultant Angela added: “This year’s clothes throw has been a fantastic success, and I can’t believe just how many bags my members, their friends and families have managed to collect.

“When we collected the bags up and saw what a phenomenal amount there were altogether and we realised what a difference we could make, the atmosphere was just electric.”