Cannabis dealer jumpd out of Louth window

Court case
Court case

A drug dealer jumped from an upstairs window in a bid to flee when police raided his home, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

James Padbury, who at the time was living in Louth, was spotted by officers looking out of his front window as they moved in to search the premises.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said “Officers went to the front and rear of the property. The officers at the rear saw the defendant climb out of an upstairs window and on to a flat roof. He managed to get away but was arrested nearby.”

During the subsequent search 50 individual bags of cannabis were found in Padbury’s bedroom divided into £10 and £20 deals ready for sale.

Text messages found on Padbury’s mobile phone produced evidence that he had been involved in selling drugs.

Padbury, 21, formerly of Commercial Road, Louth, but now of Rutland Street, Grimsby, admitted possession of 63.93gs of cannabis with intent to supply on 23 November 2012. He also admitted breach of a 52 week suspended sentence imposed at Grimsby Crown Court in June 2011 for robbery.

He was jailed for 12 months.

Recorder Mark Wall QC ruled that Padbury benefited from crime by £770 and ordered that his available assets of £95.68p should be confiscated.

The Recorder told him: “Anybody who deals in drugs on a commercial basis like this has to expect a custodial sentence.”

Howard Shaw, defending, said Padbury began selling cannabis just a few weeks earlier.

He said: “This was a short foray into the world of dealing in cannabis. It took place over a matter of a few weeks in the run-up to Christmas. It was unsuccessful as the police raided his home.

“Three weeks of stupidity is the best way to describe his behaviour.”

Mr Shaw said that Padbury has changed his life during the months since his arrest.

“He has moved from Louth with his partner and two young children to Grimsby and has remained offence-free.”