Care apartment plan for Mablethorpe is branded a ‘monstrosity’

How the new care apartments could look if plans go ahead.
How the new care apartments could look if plans go ahead.

AMBITIOUS plans for 31 new retirement apartments in Mablethorpe could ‘change the way ordinary people plan for their futures’, but one local resident has branded the plans a ‘monstrosity’.

Hamilton Projects of Leicester have applied for permission to build two blocks of specialist care apartments on the site of the empty Mablethorpe Hall care home off Alford Road, which is to be demolished.

Agent Lincs Design Consultancy say the project will be the first of its kind, allowing people to plan for their futures.

But a local resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “I really feel these plans are a bad idea, the lane is narrow and the increase in traffic will be horrendous, I fear a bad accident.

“We’re concerned there is no connection to the mains sewers, and the waste tank will overflow with a huge increase in the number of people on the site.

“All the residents on this lane I’ve spoken to will object against this monstrosity.”

But Andrew Clover of Lincs Design said: “The scheme includes improvements to the junction off Alford Road and also includes the resurfacing of the whole road up to the site.

“This will be a significant investment and will benefit the neighbouring residents. Although there will be a small increase in cars using the road there will no longer be any heavy vehicles making deliveries. Lincolnshire County Council were consulted during the designs and have no objections to the scheme subject to the improvements being carried out.

“A new septic tank or sewage treatment system will be installed. This will be in full accordance with the building regulations and there should be no risk of overflowing.”

Lincs Design say the plans embrace the government’s latest push for home-retirements.

They said: “The option for exclusive retirement apartments for the over 55s has historically been seen as something only available to retiring professionals, we intend to change that.

“Mablethorpe as a town has little or no available affordable specialist accommodation and is an area that has suffered from very little inward investment.”

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