Cashier at HSBC stole more than £19,000 from Mablethorpe branch

A CASHIER at Mablethorpe’s HSBC has escaped an immediate custodial sentence after admitting stealing more than £19,000 from the branch.

Donna Elizabeth Ward, 45, of Mill Road, Theddlethorpe was appearing before magistrates at Skegness.

It was said she had worked at the branch for 26 years but over a period of a year, from March 2009 to April 2010, she took the money.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said that sometimes she would repay it but, overall, there had been a shortfall of £19,100.

He said that all the money had since been repaid, either by Ward or by means of a reduction in her pension.

In defence, Mr Nicholas Alderson said Ward was an ‘honest, decent woman’ who had ‘done something stupid’.

He said she was a ‘lady of impeccable character’ who had been driven by desperation and was clearly ashamed by what she had done.

He said she had substantial store and credit card debts and her husband’s farming business could not pay its way.

The magistrates said the offence was serious and clearly breached the custodial threshold.

She was sentenced to six months in custody but it was suspended for two years.

She was also ordered to pay £85 in costs.