Cattle in the ring at market

THERE were 52 cattle through the fat ring at Louth Cattle Market on Thursday, averaging £1042.

The top price per kilogram for clean beast this week was a Charolais x steer from R A Hall of Old Leake weighing 655 kgs and selling for 197.5 ppk to A Wright & Son, Boston.

The top price steer per head was £1,301 for a Charolais also from R A Hall.

The top price heifer per kg was for two Blond x heifers from Roy Twigg weighing 485 kgs and 555 kgs and selling for 189.5 ppk each wih one going to A Wright & Son of Boston and the oher to David Coulson.

The top price per head was £1,086 for one of Roy Twigg’s Blond x cattle.

The top price per kg for a young bull was a Lim x from AB & MB Motley weighing 663 kgs and selling for 191.5 ppk.