Cattle Market: Keep Louth Special and Move Louth Forward have their say

The debate rages on.
The debate rages on.

With the announcement this morning (June 3) that the ELDC Executive Board has voted to recommend the sale of the Cattle Market site, we decided to take a look at what the two main pressure groups have to say on this contentious issue...

Keep Louth Special:

“Last week, Keep Louth Special delivered a petition of 4,300 signatures to ELDC urging them not to sell the cattle market site for a supermarket. The fact that ELDC is moving to recommend a sale in spite of it, and without waiting for the results of scrutiny, shows a scant regard for democracy.

“Every single test of public opinion on this issue shows that a clear majority of people in Louth do not want a supermarket on that site. There are already two sizeable supermarkets in the town. A third, an Aldi, is coming. That will be enough - even planning guidelines say so.

“What we don’t need is a giant new supermarket with space equal to the existing three combined. It would kill off Louth, which was in 2012 voted Britain’s favourite market town.

“We believe that ELDC’s move to recommend sale before receiving the findings of scrutiny is illegal, and we have written to Community Secretary Eric Pickles informing him of it.

“This is just one of many dubious manoeuvres by ELDC which is facing hostility to its plan on many fronts, including from Lincolnshire County Council. We will not hesitate to seek judicial review if the executive does not act in accordance with the rules.”

• Move Louth Forward:

“Move Louth Forward was formed to counteract the arguments against additional supermarket provision in Louth.

The group recently conducted a survey of 230 Louth residents, and say that the results of their survey indicates strong support for the sale of the Cattle Market for a supermarket.

“The group’s results suggest that 85 per cent of people shop outside of Louth, and also indicates that 82% of people would be more likely to use the town centre shops if a supermarket was located near the town centre. The group is also concerned about the prospect of a supermarket located out of town, if the development on the Cattle Market is not permitted.

Lesley Harrison-Wiseman, a Move Louth Forward co-founder, said: “We are worried that if a new supermarket does not go on the Cattle Market, we will find ourselves with one on the outskirts of town.

“This then stops people from linking their supermarket shopping with linked trips onto town. We believe the best way to protect trade in the town is to allow for this development.”

Jason Garrett, a Move Louth Forward activist, said: “For too long real residents in Louth have not been listened to and it is time that changed.

“We totally support ELDC in any decision they may make to sell the Cattle Market.”

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