Cattle market prices

A GOOD entry of 27 cattle met with a tremendous trade for the better quality sorts at Louth Cattle Market last Thursday.

A good entry of 245 prime lambs also met with a good trade.

The top price per kilogram in the fat cattle ring was for a smart BRBx heifer from F Wallis & Sons weighing 540kg and selling for 248.50ppk (£1,342) to L Brown & Son of Lincoln.

The top price heifer per head was a BRB also from F Wallis & Sons and made £1,408.

The top price steer per head and per kilo was for a BRBx from R N & K Crust weighing 592kg and selling for 239.50ppk (£1,417).

Only one OMT heifer topped at 210.50ppk for a Lim x from J H Atkinson selling to A Wright & Son of Boston.

A strong trade in prime lambs with a good entry resulted in an overall average of £93 per head with top prices from P & W Collins 50kg at £105, A J Coulson & Son 52kg at £101, G Howsam 49kg at £100, Scrivelsby Farms Limited 60kg at £100.

Top price per kilogram R L Hartley 40kg at 216ppk, P & W Collins 39kg at 215ppk, M A Smith 46kg at 213ppk, Scrivelsby Farm Limited 46kg at 212ppk.

A small entry of store lambs met with a fair trade with a top price from R L Hartley, 11 lambs at £70.50.

J W Bustance won the £40 December cash prize for the top price beast which went for £2,451.

Mrs S M Kent won the £20 prize for top price sheep with a champion pen of Beltex lambs which went for £225.