Challenge set for youngsters in Louth to give back to community

Go Ryte has now been officially launched in Louth.
Go Ryte has now been officially launched in Louth.

The Rotary Club of Louth has joined forces with Magna Vitae, Lincolnshire Police and Louth Town Council to deliver a new youth project that launched last week.

New project, Go Ryte (Rotary helping Young people to work in Teams to make an Effective difference) has been set up to challenge young people between the ages of 10 and 18 years to volunteer in their community and undertake projects in teams.

This aims to help youngsters make a difference in their community - with a top cash prize of £500 also up for grabs.

Organiser of the project, Dianna Broadmeadow said: “Our hope is that this will engage young people, encouraging them to volunteer in their community and undertake projects which will help develop and build on organisational and communication skills, team working and a sense of responsibility.

“Most importantly though, we want to celebrate and support young people.”

She added that they believe those who take part will have some wonderful ideas and are keen for them to succeed.

Go Ryte is set to take place over the summer.

Individuals made up of groups ranging between two and five, will be supported by an adult advisor and will be able to develop their own idea for a project which will improve their local community or neighbourhood.

Groups have until mid-June to register, meaning there is still time left for people to sign up and get involved.

It is also open to teams from the surrounding villages as well as Louth.

Each team will be asked to produce a log book of the work completed and will be judged by a special panel in October.

The winner will receive £500 and free weekend passes to the Meridian Centre.

Everyone taking part will also receive a t-shirt and certificate.

The judging panel will be made up of the Louth Town Mayor, a senior manager from Magna Vitae, a Lincolnshire Police Inspector for Louth and Horncastle and the President of Louth Rotary.

Registration forms are available at every school, at the local youth club, or by calling 01507 354288.