Christmas Crime Prevention Campaign - Week Three

Christmas Crime Prevention Campaign - Week Three.
Christmas Crime Prevention Campaign - Week Three.

The Town Neighbourhood Policing Team are advising members of the public to take extra care when out shopping in the run up to Christmas.

With people thinking of the busy festive period, they may become easy targets for opportunist thieves. However, by taking a few simple precautions the chance of becoming a victim of crime can be significantly reduced.

When you are out Christmas shopping; Don’t carry large amounts of cash on your person. Use a payment or credit card if possible. Keep your wallet or purse in a safe place, ideally in an inside pocket of your jacket or coat. If you are carrying a handbag, keep it close to you at all times.

Keep your car park ticket in a separate place to your keys.

Police community support officer Andrea Cave said: “Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone – including criminals.

“Don’t make it easy for criminals, take a few moments to ensure that your money is safe and that you do not make yourself an easy target for pickpockets and thieves.”