Christmas Crime Prevention Campaign - Week Two: Don’t let Jack Frost steal your car

Christmas Crime Prevention Campaign - Week Three.
Christmas Crime Prevention Campaign - Week Three.

In the second instalment of the Christmas Crime Prevention Campaign, the Neighbourhood Policing Team are issuing a reminder to car owners to make sure Jack Frost isn’t responsible for their cars being stolen.

PCSO Andrea Cave is issuing a reminder for motorists not to be tempted to defrost icy windscreens in the morning by turning on the ignition and leaving the car running unattended while you nip back inside the house to have breakfast or finish getting ready for work.

PCSO Cave said: “There are opportunist thieves who travel round looking for cars to steal on frosty mornings. What could be simpler for them than finding a car, unlocked and with the keys in the ignition and already running?

“It only takes a matter of seconds for A thief to drive away with your car.”

The message is simple - don’t leave your car unattended. On a cautionary note motorists should be aware many car insurance policies become void, or cover can be reduced if the car is stolen as a result of the keys being left in the ignition.