Christopher Fenwick

A SERVICE for Christopher Fenwick, 52, took place at St James’ Church, Louth, followed by committal at Alford Crematorium.

It was conducted by Canon Stephen Holdaway.

Arrangements were by Kettle Ltd of Grimsby and Louth.

Family mourners: Jan, wife; Adam Fenwick and Eleanor Johnson, son and partner; Vicki Fenwick and Rob King, daughter and partner; Grace and Denis Fenwick, mother and father; Richard and Kate Fenwick, brother and sister-in-law (also rep Mark and Ceri Royston); Jason Fenwick and Rochelle Cooper, nephew and partner; Charlotte Fenwick and Nick Pridgeon, niece and partner; Edward Fenwick, nephew (also rep Ashton Mills); Grace Fenwick, niece (also rep Jack Cameron); Pat and Malcolm Neal, cousin (also rep Mrs M Houlihan, aunt, Jonathan and Kate Neal, cousins); Simon Neal and Sue Bortolot, cousin (also rep Sally Sibley-Gordon and Sharon Steadman, cousins); Philip and Alma Robinson, cousin (also rep Helen Robinson, cousin); Sarah Robinson, cousin; Marjorie Spencer, mother-in-law; Chris and Terry May, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Alan and Michele Spencer, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep Rob, Becky, Harry and Charlotte, nephews and nieces); Ian Burton, nephew; Nicola and Mark Dixon, niece and husband; Rachel Robinson, niece (also rep Guy Robinson and Max Robinson, great-nephew); Charlotte Burton, great-niece; Ben Robinson, cousin; Neil and Mandy Taylor, cousin; Paul and Linda Robinson, cousin; Edmund and Louise Wakely, cousin.

Others attending: Mr and Mrs G Johnson, Karl and Pauline Foxall, Paul and Shelley Hugill, Jerry and Lorraine Gale, Ray and Susan Wildridge, Mr and Mrs S Bexon, Terry and Barbara Burston, Colin and Maureen Wright, Richard and Janet Ablott, Ian and Chris Wink, Andrew and Karen Stebbings, Stacey and Lisa Whitworth Pat and Val Short, Mr and Mrs Trevor Fairburn, Paul and Bev Johnson, Chris Hensby and Sheena Mackenzie, Jack and Paula Markham, Mr and Mrs A Beadle, Steve Eddowes and Julie Collins, Mr and Mrs E Price, Philip and Dawn Ellis, Stephen Hewitt and Melanie Wrisdale, Mr and Mrs S Anderson (also rep Janice Pask); Gareth and Tracey Vines (also rep Nigel and Jill Gallop); Dave and Jane King (also rep James King and Lizzie King); Mike and Carol Jaines (also rep Tom and Lottie Jaines); Mick Addison and Jane Teige (also rep Louth Building Supplies); Nigel and Joanne Wrisdale (also rep Jackson’s Butchers and Haydn and Val Robinson);

Messrs: M Hatrick, JH Houlden, Mick Pell, Ian Cook, Sammy Fairburn, Nick Goodlad, Paul Waring, Sam Saywell, Christopher Houghton, Jeph Creswell, Paul Weber, Alastair Jeffrey, Keith Bullock, Paul Wright, Don Brown, Alan Epton, Nigel Hopper, Marcus Stephenson, Steve Hollingsworth, Hugh Paterson, Paul King, John Dexter, Peter Johnson, Mark Bilcliffe, Steve Newey, Ian Ross, Mick Vickers, Keith Vickers, Daniel Rance, Martin Lumb, Richard Moss, Tony Wright, Derek Platts, Brent Paulson Trevor Sharpe, Richard Elvin, Peter Hibbard, George Horton, Mark Hughes, Rob Carr Terry Robinson, Stuart Ottaway, Paul Staines, Trevor Pearson, Bob Matthews, Keith Clarkson, Jim Dixon, Steve Horner, Phil Smeeton, Ray Walters, Basil Dixon, Haydn Rawlings, Richard Speed, Kieran Speed, Mark Williams, Andrew Jeffrey, Adam Proctor, Geoff Wall, Tom Graves, Darren Keightley, Lloyd Tapsfield, T Draper Gareth Gresham, Aaron Ellis, FH Draper, Brian Smith, Dave Grace (also rep Alison Lill); Mark Paling (also rep Helen Paling); Graham Dean (also rep Gail Dean); Derek Wraith (also rep Carol Wraith); Rick Reeson (also rep Karen Reeson); Brian Sumner (also rep Sue Sumner); Colin Rickett (also rep Debbie Rickett); Derek Hunt (also rep Rosemary Hunt); Kerry Coggle (also rep Sandra Coggle); David Matthews (also rep Paul and John); Alan Harrison (also rep Louth Hospital Club); Ced Blackbourne (also rep Vera Blackbourne); Keith Willerton (also rep Mr and Mrs M Spendlow); Dave Fairburn (also rep Jim and Philippa Fairburn); Patrick Neville (also rep Louth Food and Drink Company); Martin Hingston (also rep Fred Hibbard and Peter Hibbard); Roger Goldsmith (also rep Justin and Tony Goldsmith, Australia); John Laking (also rep Christopher Smith and Laking’s Butchers);

Mesdames and Misses: Diane Simon, M Carter, Poppy Graves, Sue Thorndike, Deborah Burgess, Toni Black, Sandra Willerton, Gillian Hutchinson, Nina Hewson, Helen Major, Sheila Willerton, Julie Brown, Rebecca Lake, Kim Thompson, Margaret Hutchinson, Sylvia Todd, Lauren Trask, Chris Faerns, Pearl Arliss, Sorrel Cavendish-Coleman, Kate Green, Katie Grantham, Diane Long, Edna Topley, Lyn Andrews, Katie Johns, Sheila Gibson Lesley Bray, Pat Matthews, Jane Hutchinson, Mandy Cheeseman, Jane Caborn, Ros Shufflebotham, Jane McBennett, Sue Ward, Fiona Kennedy, Rada McDougall, Elsie Wakefield, Vicky Dilkes, J Lyall (also rep D Lyall); Judy Clarke (also rep Ray Clarke); Gina Ellis (also rep Steve Ellis); Dawn Bunch (also rep Neil Bunch); Sue Scarfe (also rep Robin Scarfe);Val Corby (also rep Paul Corby); Denise Hall (also rep Richard Hall); Toni Johnson (also rep Dougie Banks); Beryl Jesney (also rep Philip Jesney); Angela Jesney (also rep Taylor family);

Sylvia Edwards (also rep Ray Edwards); Marian Martin (also rep Beryl Walter); Lisa Briggs (also rep Raybould family); Sue Locking (also rep Perkins Pantry); Shelley Hewson (also rep Pearl Dodds); Louise Walker (also rep Valerie Darnell); Gunel Matthews (also rep David Millward); Pam Holborn (also rep Lynn Fraser-Smith); Veronica Lill (also rep Cameron Littlejohn); Jill Makinson Sanders (also rep Alex and James); Gill and Kristina Key (also rep Barry Matthews); Kate Whomsley (also rep Mark and Julie Bullivant); Annette Chamberlain (also rep Steven Chamberlain); Sarah Arnell and Jane Loan (also rep Tina and Lynne’s Café); Jo Harness, Louth Town and Country (also rep Mick Leafe); Sandra Carter (also rep Arthur Garlant and Peter Mountain); Elaine Dunning (also rep Richard Dunning and Mr and Mrs L Blow); Mandy Carrick, –Kathy Hill and Sarah-Jane Parrish (also rep Shoe Zone); Sylvia Jaines, Louth Town and Country (also rep Angela Appleby and Philip Tamlin).