Citizen service team help to make Louth look even better

A group of dedicated young people gave up part of their Summer holiday to give back to the community they live in.

The National Citizen Service team were based at Louth Town Hall and have attracted high praise for their efforts.

Kim Faulkner, Kara Hadley, Damon Corne, Sam Ireland, Emily Hopkins, Maria Bell and their mentor Tom Scott decided it was time to change people’s perceptions about young people.

They acted as ‘walking, talking guides’ for visitors to Louth around the Market Place, gave the town centre a thorough spring clean and produced a film to showcase what Louth has to offer.

Kim Faulkner explained the reasons the team wanted to help the community: “Our team decided it was time to change the common view the public have about young people. The majority of young people do want to work hard and help in any way they can.”

Local businesses noticed the team’s work and were full or praise about their dedication.

Karen Farrey of Sue Ryder said: “They’re making buildings more presentable and cleaner and are willing to help charities and their local town. Young people are encouraged to work and volunteer by seeing this young team in action.”

Johnnie Shields of Smokey Joes said: “This team is clean, efficient, friendly and enthusiastic. It is nice to see willing young people instead of seeing them getting drunk. They have restored my faith in the younger generation.”

Smokey Joes kindly offered free drinks in exchange for their hard work.

Richard Redding of Gobstoppers said: “It is really good that young people are helping to tidy up the town, especially at the highest tourist time of the year. They’re really good in Louth.”

Gobstoppers gave the team a free lollypop each while they cleaned their window panes.

Igloo’s Lesley Tyler was impressed by their work in New Street: “They did a really good job. I’ve been here 30 years, and this is the cleanest I’ve ever seen this street. The team were enthusiastic and I was very impressed. It is brilliant to see young people take care of their community.”

Paul Thompson of Jameson Shoe Repair said: “I was amazed and surprised to see young people helping the community. They did a brilliant job!”

The young people made a short film about their efforts which will be able to be viewed at a later date.