Civic Trust visitors impressed by ‘architectural splendour’ of Louth

Grantham Civic Trust visitors at The Sessions House, Louth.
Grantham Civic Trust visitors at The Sessions House, Louth.

Louth Civic Trust hosted a day-long visit to the town by their fellow amenity society in Grantham last week.

The visit began at The Sessions House in Eastgate, when Councillor Sue Locking welcomed 49 visitors with refreshments, before Jean Howard explained the portraits of the great and good of Victorian Louth, and William Brown’s remarkable Panorama.

The party then split into four groups led by Jean, James Laverack (chairman), Barbara Dales (secretary) and Mary Abbott (council member), who conducted them into town while explaining the architectural history along the route.

After lunch, the groups reconvened to be guided around the buildings of Westgate before having tea and cake in St James’s Church.

Stuart Sizer explained the history of the church before they departed homewards.

The visitors were impressed both with the architectural splendour of the town’s buildings and the economic vitality of its shopping area, and many said they would return to explore further. Louth Civic Trust has been invited to visit Grantham next year.