CLA ‘delighted’ with Louth Cattle Market decision

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The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has said it is ‘delighted’ by East Lindsey District Council’s decision to retain Louth Cattle Market and refurbish the existing site.

CLA East Regional Surveyor, Claire Wright, who attended the council meeting last night, said: “We are delighted that Louth Livestock Market has been saved from closure and the important work can now begin to refurbish the existing site.

“The market is a crucial service for Lincolnshire farmers in allowing them to trade their cattle and sheep and support their rural businesses.

“It is also an important community service that allows farmers and those working in the rural community to network with like-minded individuals which is crucial as farming can at times be a lonely industry.

“This decision will hopefully now provide certainty for the site and with the needed refurbishment allow the market to thrive in the future.”

District councillors voted unanimously in favour of retaining and refurbishing the site at their ‘Full Council’ meeting last night.