Clarriots Care staff do good deed in Louth

Clarriots Care staff have been busy giving blood in Louth.
Clarriots Care staff have been busy giving blood in Louth.

Two staff members of Clarriots Care based in Manby have been busy doing a good deed in an attempt to make a difference in their local community.

Chris Dunn, 26 and Chris Pegg, 24, recently went out to The Pavilion in Louth to give blood. As an organisation that provides person-centered care at home, Clarriots Care are encouraging others to give the gift of life.

After going through all the safety checks and giving 470ml of blood for the first time since he was 16, Chris Dunn had some nerves at first, but left The Pavilion proud. He said: “It wasn’t as painful as I thought it was. We have a couple of co-workers as well as clients at Clarriots Care who have needed blood. It makes you appreciate the necessity for people to give blood, plus I like the idea of doing something to help others. Giving blood is such an easy way to do that.”

Chris has given blood several times and is the universal blood type – O Negative – which can be transfused to almost any patient in need. He said: “I would encourage anyone and everyone to try it. Don’t be put off, it;s a really friendly environment and you get free tea and biscuits too making it a win-win situation really.”

To learn more call the NHS Blood and Transplant Service on 0300 123 23 23.