Cleverly complicated comedy

WYRD Sisters is Playgoers’ February production, a cleverly complicated comedy.

Among the array of strange and dysfunctional characters is a murderous duke - hen-pecked by his ambitious control freak of a wife - and three rather unusual witches.

When author Terry Pratchett decided to lay his hands on the scheme-laden, murderous plot of Macbeth, he ‘turned it up till the knob came off’. His treatment rather changed the complexion of the piece. In short, it became a fantasy novel.

A few years later, along came playwright Stephen Briggs, who proceeded to shake the story up and tip it out onto the stage once more – crown, dagger, Grebo the cat (Grebo the cat?) and all.

Members of Wharfingers, Louth Playgoers’ award winning youth theatre, are very pleased that he did and are looking forward to performing the play.

It’s a fantasy for the family kind of adventure, packed full of wit, surprises and odd happenings. Of course, there will be one of those on stage, but that’s only for show. The other-worldly powers of no-nonsense Granny Weatherwax, homely but vulgar Nanny Ogg and the naïve new-age Magrat Garlick don’t need no fancy props to stir stuff up and get the job done properly, even if they have to bend the rules occasionally.

It’s fantastical, it’s’s wicked! Performances are on Monday February 21 to Saturday February 26 at 7.30pm each night.

l Box office: 01507 600350.