Coastal councillors on bus cuts: ‘Can’t see alternative’


County Councillors on the coast are disappointed with the prospect of proposed bus cuts - but feel Lincolnshire County Council have been put in a difficult position when the pressure is on for them to save millions.

County Councillor for Mablethorpe, Anne Reynolds, commented: “Whilst I am sorry bus services need to be cut, the council will still provide the Call Connect service. I would love to see the services maintained, but I can’t see an alternative.

“Call Connect still puts the availability there and they will be more financially viable to run.”

County Councillor for Sutton on Sea and Alford, Stephen Palmer, believes central government are t0 blame for the cuts.

He said: “The bus cuts are a big concern of mine and it would increase isolation and have a big effect on people who rely on buses. But the Government are hitting local councils hard and the blame should be put on no-one else but them.

“Local councils are getting an unfair deal with funding.”