‘Cocoa Encounters’ brings a new taste sensation to Louth

Kathryn (left) and Suzie from the Tertulia chocolate shop in Eastgate, Louth.
Kathryn (left) and Suzie from the Tertulia chocolate shop in Eastgate, Louth.

To help celebrate World Chocolate Day last Saturday (July 7), local chocolate enthusiasts were treated to a new tasting experience to learn about the latest trends in artisan chocolate.

The tasting was organised and presented by certified chocolate taster, Kathryn Laverack from Louth, at Duffy’s Chocolate in Humberston, as she launched her new chocolate tasting and pairing business, ‘Cocoa Encounters’.

A selection of chocolates from around the world.

A selection of chocolates from around the world.

During the launch evening earlier this month, attendees were taken on a journey around the globe, with a tasting of eight bars from different origins, and introduced to the secrets of sensorial tasting to get the full chocolate flavour experience.

Kathryn discovered craft chocolate five years ago in a small delicatessen in Louth and was hooked from the first taste.

Kathryn said:“It was the taste of Duffy’s chocolate that started me on my own fine chocolate journey. I thought I knew what good chocolate was until I tried my first real single origin bar. It was a revelation.

“Then as I worked my way through the range, I discovered that tasting chocolate is a lot like wine tasting, with different growing regions giving different flavour profiles.

“Like many good things, I feel that chocolate should be shared, so I made it my mission to introduce as many people as I could to this fabulous new chocolate”.

Kathryn continued: “The aim of Cocoa Encounters is to help people who love chocolate or fine food, to discover the pleasures and flavour potential of craft chocolate.”

Cocoa Encounters will host events at cafes and pubs, and private tastings can also be held at your home or at an alternative local venue.

To find out more about the craft chocolate movement in Lincolnshire, email Kathryn at cocoaencounters@gmail.com or visit her new website at www.cocoaencounters.co.uk.