Code of good conduct for East Lindsey taxi drivers

TAXI drivers in East Lindsey are being asked for their views on proposals that could improve the standard of service they offer to local people.

East Lindsey District Council is reviewing its licensing policies and has proposed a series of changes that it is asking local taxi drivers to comment on.

The council regularly reviews its licensing policies to ensure they are in line with best practice and the needs of customers.

The proposals include a requirement for taxi drivers to offer a good standard of disabled access, including successfully undergoing a wheelchair-loading test before driving a wheelchair accessible taxi or private hire vehicle.

It is also recommended that a penalty points system for taxi drivers is introduced to encourage drivers to comply with legislative requirements and licence conditions.

Drivers totting up 12 points would have their licence called in for review by the ouncil’s Licensing Committee. The proposals also include a code of good conduct for drivers and proprietors.

Licensing Officer at the district council, Adrian Twiddy, explained: “This is a regular review we undertake that looks at areas we need to improve within the taxi industry. We have made a series of suggestions in the consultation paper based on what works well in other areas and we now need taxi drivers in the district to comment on the proposals so we can make the best decision possible on whether to implement the changes.

“The most radical element of the proposal is the introduction of a penalty points system for drivers. The system would only impact on those who fail to comply with their legislative requirements, which includes displaying their identification badge at all times and keeping their vehicle in a satisfactory condition.

“This is an opportunity for us to work with taxi drivers and other interested parties to consider how we can improve standards for customers.”

The consultation closes on Friday December 2.

East Lindsey District Council currently licences 143 Hackney Carriages Vehicles, 162 Private Hire Vehicles and approximately 400 drivers.