Collabro’s Thomas Leak from Saltfleetby gives us the latest on the band

Collabro's new album 'Home' is out now! Pictured are band members Matthew Pagan, Michael Auger, Jamie
Collabro's new album 'Home' is out now! Pictured are band members Matthew Pagan, Michael Auger, Jamie

With their new album just launched last week - Collabro’s Thomas Leak from Louth gives us the latest on what the band has been up to.

Known in the band as Thomas J Redgrave, the last time we caught up with the Collabro band member they were part of Simon Cowell’s record label Syco and had five members.

But now, Collabro has completely transformed and has taken a step forward into the unknown.

The musical theatre group, now a quartet, has parted ways with Syco and have set up their own record label.

Thomas, who is originally from Saltfleetby, but was educated in Louth, talked to the Leader about the band’s new album and their future plans.

“It has certainly been a busy couple of years, with lots of new developments,” Thomas explained.

Collabro faced an uncertain time in 2016, as they lost one of their original members, Richard Hadfield, who wanted to leave. The band had to decide whether to recruit a new member or continue as a four.

Thomas said: “The option of getting a new member did cross our minds.

“We had a few gigs lined up and thought that we’d see how they went as a four piece and make a decision based on that.

“The songs took a little reworking but we got a great reception from the audiences who commented that the ‘Collabro’ sound that they all loved was as good as ever. From their responses we decided to stay as a four.”

Collabro officially released their third album ‘Home’ last week .

It’s the first one they have launched on their own after leaving their previous label Syco in 2016.

Thomas adds: “We have created our own record label, splitting all the different roles between us. It’s been a lot of hard work, but the things we’ve learnt have been indispensable.

“This album is kind of like our baby and we have been working really hard to make it as good as possible. We don’t always get a lot of time to spend with our families, so we create music that will make them proud.”

Last time the Leader spoke to Thomas directly was back in 2014 and said he was looking forward to buying a washing machine with some of the money made from being in the band. So has Thomas bought any other extravagant items since?

“I have got a small mortgage on a house back in Lincolnshire (washing machine included),” he said.

“It’s not very exciting I know, but I’m terrible with money so it was good to invest it in something. Apart from that it’s just nice to be able to go out for a meal every now and then or get take out - basically I spend a lot of money on food.”

The band is now busy preparing to tour in the US later this month, as well as promoting their album here in the UK. Collabro will also be playing in Grimsby at the end of the year.

So what’s on the cards in the future for Collabro?

“We hope to continue making albums for as long as our Collaborators support us,” Thomas added.

“But taking it a little nearer to now, we have a lot coming up, which we’re not allowed to talk about yet, but be assured it’s very exciting.”