COLUMN: £25m invested in upgrading hospital sites across Lincolnshire

Dr Kapadia Suneil.
Dr Kapadia Suneil.

We have been reflecting on the extremely hard work our staff have been doing as we prepare for the upcoming visit from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in October, writes Dr Suneil Kapadia.

Since our last inspection in 2015 we have implemented improvements and new ways of working. We have doubled the number of patients who survive following a cardiac arrest out of hospital and are making big strides towards digitalisation.

We have also invested £25 million in capital projects to redevelop and upgrade hospital estates, including the upgrade of ward areas at Grantham, maternity, outpatients and some ward areas and at Lincoln. The new maternity and gynaecology wards will be opening soon at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston.

While preparing for the upcoming CQC visit we will also be supporting World Alzheimer’s Month which takes place in September.

Ward 3B at Pilgrim Hospital is transforming the care of patients with dementia, by dedicating themselves to dementia-friendly training and activities.

All staff on the ward have been trained as a ‘Dementia Friend’- an Alzheimer’s Society initiative to help staff understand what it’s like to live with dementia, and encourage them to make a difference.

Fiddle blankets and twiddle muffs have been donated which are used by patients who are distressed and have been fiddling with their cannulas and IV lines. The twiddle muffs are used to cover cannulas and sit comfortably on the arm.

The ward has also introduced memory boxes for patients containing old games including draughts, cards puzzles, puzzle books, colouring pens, books and magazines. They also purchased two CD players and 1930s 1940s and 1950s music to play in the bays on the ward. This is a brilliant approach by the ward.

Our two new dementia practitioners are helping wards at Pilgrim and Lincoln become more dementia friendly with mobile resources.

Dr Suneil Kapadia is the medical director of United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust