Community unites in fight against oil well in Biscathorpe

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A public meeting against the proposed exploratory oil drilling site in the Bain Valley draw strong opposition for the proposed plans.

Approximately 90 people attended the meeting at Donington onBain Village Hall to voice their concerns over the planning application from Egdon Resources Limited to drill an exploratory bore hole in search for oil at Biscathorpe.

The meeting was called by Transition Town Louth and was chaired by Donington resident Martin Scutt.

Mr Scutt outlined the plans and voiced the concerns of many in the village about the risk of pollution of the River Bain, lorry traffic, noise, lighting and ‘an end to the beauty and tranquility of their neighbourhood.’

Biff Vernon said: “Parish councillor Jackie Scutt complained that Egdon had made no attempt to inform Donington on Bain council of developments that would have a direct impact on the parish.

“This view was supported by district councillor Daniel Simpson who promised to take up the issue of the lack of consultation with the county council.”

A walk from Donington on Bain to Biscathorpe has been organised to take place on Sunday October 13.

Meeting at 12pm on the green, Neve’s Garden, Donington on Bain there will be an opportunity to walk between the villages along the Viking Way for a picnic.

Kat Boettge, the Green Party East Midlands candidate for the European Parliament will also be attending.

Mr Vernon added: “I outlined several local issues concerning oil production from this site, but also raised the wider concern of global warming.”

Egdon Resources had been invited to attend the meeting but declined, sending information in brochures instead.

After the proposed application was revealed in last week’s Leader there have been a number of further objections to the proposals on Lincolnshire County Council’s planning website.

Tracy Burnham, of Louth, said: “I attended a meeting at Donington on Bain village hall as my greatest concern was about fracking.

“After watching a TV programme on it it worries me greatly the health and environment implications of these procedure but it was said there was no plans for this so I’m hoping this continues.”

Michael Fisher, of Donington on Bain, said: “I’m also disappointed that the use of Donington Road was not discussed with the parish council and residents of Donington on Bain as it is the major access route to the largest village close to the site.”