Competition for an item in leather at WI

KATE Smith presided at the meeting of Hainton and District Women’s Institute held in South Willingham Parish Hall and thanked the members for their contribution and help which had ensured a very successful Anniversary party.

It had been enjoyed by their visitors from East Barkwith Women’s Institute too as everyone had socialised together with a lovely meal and musical entertainment afterwards.

Ideas were needed for topics to be included in next years programme to help ensure plenty of variety with something to appeal to everyone and suggestions were also invited for venues for the annual summer lunch in July which is now considered to be holiday month without a planned meeting. The roll call was ‘a spice’ and members then spent a very relaxing evening led by Joy Bolt with a practical session on Relaxation Techniques.

She encouraged members to use their senses to help them relax and focus their minds on one in particular while providing music and a variety of different smells to demonstrate the technique and relax her audience. The competition for a recipe using herbs to relax was won by 1. Celia Payne, 2. Stella Gray and 3 Kate Smith and the best flower of the month was won by 1 Celia Payne, 2 Kate Smith and 3 Stella Gray. Barbara Theairs will give a talk on the history of leather craft with a demonstration at the next meeting on Thursday June 2 at South Willingham Parish Hall at 7.30pm and visitors will be welcome.

There will be a competition for an item in leather (not a shoe) and a single rose in a vase for the flower of the month.