Concerns over Louth Cattle Market

COUNCILLORS expressed their concerns during last week’s town council meeting after outline planning permission was granted to build a cattle market on the Industrial Estate.

Several councillors commented on the proposed project, describing the decision as ‘quick’ and ‘disgusting’.

The plans sort out permission for an outline erection of a building to use as a cattle market, cattle slaughter auction and auction house.

Only three acres of land has been planned for the project where the new cattle market would be sited on land adjacent to Windsor House, in Belvoir Way in Louth.

Coun Fran Treanor explained: “This new cattle market would be situated near a very busy roadside cafe, animals and traffic do not go together.

“East Lindsey District Council really moved quick on the decision, common sense did not seem to prevail.”

Coun Sue Locking went on to say that the decision was ‘disgusting’. Coun George Horton also added that locals he had spoken to about the plans were also ‘completely disgusted’ by the outcome.

Mayor of the town, Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders also said: “As I understand, there are no cattle markets in the county as small as three acres like this one plans to be.”

When the plans were rejected by the Town Council in November last year, applicant Simon Dennis from Grimsby-based company KD Design said: “The cattle market proposal is on behalf of a consortium of farmers and private developers who wish to build the £3 million centre.

“It will provide the community with a multitude of jobs and we hope that it will serve the community of farmers well and is the ideal site and location for such a facility.”

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