Concerns over Louth Co-Op cash machine fraud

The Co-Op cash machine last week.
The Co-Op cash machine last week.

Local residents have voiced their concerns over the cash machine outside the Louth Co-operative in Northgate, following reports of fraud.

The most recent incidents, reported at the beginning of February, come just weeks after unverified rumours surfaced about the security of the Co-op cash machine.

One of those affected was Louth resident Caryn Mathewson, who discovered that £90 had been taken from her account just 20 minutes after she had trouble using the cash machine.

Caryn said: “It happened at around 2.50pm on Sunday [February 2].

“I went to take money out and my card didn’t want to come out.

“I informed staff inside the Co-op, and they said they were going to call an engineer out to it.

“My card disappeared completely after I tried to pull it with my nails. I went into Co-op to inform them, but staff didn’t come out to machine.

“I went home and checked my bank statement online. My transaction had been refunded, but the remainder of my cash had been taken out at an Eastgate cashpoint.

“Ninety pounds was taken from my account, so I called Lloyds bank. They were fab, and have opened a fraud case.

“I just wanted to warn everyone in Louth - not all banks will be as good as mine has been.”

However, Caryn was not the only victim of cash machine fraud over that weekend.

Sammi Medlock, from Louth, went to withdraw money from the same cash machine, but was unable to retreive her card.

Sammi said: “I couldn’t get my card back. I pressed and pressed cancel, but nothing happened.

“I went in to Co-op and told them; all they said was that they didn’t have a key. So I walked back home as quickly as I could, to cancel it.

“The amount of money taken was £500 - all of my rent money! As of yet, I’ve had no money back.”

Co-op Bank has investigated, and say they have improved security at the machine.

A spokesperson said: “Protecting our customers is of utmost importance to us.

“Following reports that fraudulent attempts were made with this ATM earlier in the month, a thorough inspection of the machine has been carried out, and additional monitoring and security measures put in place to ensure it remains safe for customers to use.

“Should anyone have any concerns, they should speak directly to their bank.”

However, Caryn Mathewson said: “They had a lot of fraudulent attempts last year also, so these additional measures should have been put in place then”.

Have you been affected by card fraud in Louth recently? Let us know.