Controversial plan for wind farm on marshes near Louth to be decided nationally

The proposed wind farm at Gayton le Marsh, viewed from 900m.
The proposed wind farm at Gayton le Marsh, viewed from 900m.

A PLAN to build eight wind turbines on land between four marsh villages near Louth will now be decided nationally after an appeal by the developer.

German energy firm Energie Kontor have applied to East Lindsey District Council to erect eight 115 metre high turbines between Great Carlton, Gayton le Marsh, Saltfleetby and Theddlethorpe.

But the firm appealed to the national planning inspectorate because ELDC did not determine the application within the statutory framework and thus have now lost their ability to determine it.

The Secretary of State will now make the decision via planning inspector.

The plan will however return to ELDC’s planning committee who will have to consider it and give their verdict as to how it would have been judged.

The application, originally made in July 2011, was met with strong opposition locally after the NOWAG (No Wind Farm at Gayton) was set up by local residents.

Group leader Melvin Grovener called the plans ‘industrialisation by stealth’.

An ELDC spokesman said: “The district council’s planning committee will shortly be considering a report into this application, which will form the basis of how we approach the appeal.

“In considering any planning application this council will apply the statutory test which is to determine all applications in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise, the government’s National Planning Policy Framework is a material considerations and will be applied as such.”