Cordeaux Academy Comenius Project trip to Germany

German trip
German trip

A group of Cordeaux Academy girls travelled to Regensburg, Germany, for a week as part of the Comenius Project.

This European initiative enables students to develop knowledge and understanding of different cultures whilst working on an environmental project.

This time, the focus was on the importance of water, soil, air and fire in the natural environment. Under the slogan Make a Difference, the group, consisting of students Emily Gledhill, Natalia Kaye, Rebecca Dalton, Chloe Day and Philipa Demery plus students from Italy, Poland and Slovakia, investigated sustainable energy.

During their time in Germany the girls attended St Marien Real Schule, an all-girls school, where the school day started at 8am and finished at 1pm. This was a fantastic experience and a real change from life at Cordeaux. They particularly enjoyed wearing non-school uniform and slippers, while they could only spectate in amazement at the unicycle sports lessons!

The group toured the local town of Regensburg, went to concerts and visited the nearest big city of Munich. They visited Blumel Farm to look at their use of biomass as a fuel. In the classroom, the girls split into project teams to create a logo for this phase of the Comenius project.

The girls stayed with local families to develop their German, and experienced local cuisine such as sauerkraut. Student Natalia Kaye said: “We had a great time and it was a good opportunity to meet new people and learn new languages. My favourite part was staying with a German family and experiencing what their life and school is like in Germany”.

Student Chloe Day said: “I would love to go again!”