Cordeaux Academy rewards system raised £450 for charities

A student reward system lead to a boost for charities.

This year saw the introduction of a new rewards system at Cordeaux Academy which proved to be extremely popular with staff and students.

Students were rewarded for good classwork and homework, attendance, politeness, positive contributions, progress and representing the school. Merits were awarded and a number of students earned more than 150 merits.

The merits, worth 10p, could either be ‘spent’ in an on-line shop for canteen vouchers or in local businesses such as Gobstoppers, Cojos or New Look.

The merits could also be donated to charities and the very generous students at Cordeaux gave more than £450 to charities which included St Andrew’s Hospice, Help for Heroes and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Students have commented that this system has encouraged them to develop a good work ethic, to understand the link between work and rewards and the importance of philanthropy.