Cordeaux School team win Project X at RAF Waddington

A team of students from Cordeaux School are the winners of Project X.

The group of Y8 students took part in an aviation engineering challenge set by RAF Waddington to plan, design and build an aircraft that could fly using a pulley system that travelled along a distance of line.

The aircraft needed to deploy vital supplies along the line precisely at certain points.

Students spent a day in school with older mentors working in teams to build the different elements of the aircraft including the fuselage, tail, wings, lighting system and the deployment system.

Seven students represented the school on the day of the challenge at RAF Waddington, completing test runs, presenting to a ‘Dragons Den’ style group of RAF officers their solution to the challenge and answering extensive and testing questions on their design.

They were given the opportunity to experience survival techniques, try out equipment and test out an airport de-icing unit whilst learning about the RAF regiment and their role in the military before finally competing against other schools in the actual challenge.

Schools were allowed two runs to attempt to deploy vital supplies to two lots of stranded military personal.

Cordeaux’s Hercules flew perfectly with a few adjustments, deployed two sets of cargo and produced two out of four direct hits on the target. Officers were impressed with the radio controlled deployment system that had been designed and built by the students.

Cordeaux were announced as overall winners with their entry and awarded a cup, a shield and presented with a photograph of the day.

The school said it was an ‘excellent effort and outcome by all those that contributed to Project X - well done!’