Cordeaux teacher takes on challenge during his bowel cancer battle

Scott Eastwood.
Scott Eastwood.

A Cordeaux Academy teacher who has been told his bowel cancer is advanced is urging men to support ‘Decembeard’ to help beat the disease.

Despite undergoing chemotherapy, Scott Eastwood, 34, has taken on the mantle of Decembeard ambassador to help promote the campaign and is taking part in the hairy challenge himself.

Beating Bowel Cancer’s Decembeard campaign asks men to grow a beard throughout the month of December to help raise funds for the charity and raise awareness of the disease.

Scott joined Cordeaux Academy in September 2013, but just a few months later he was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Scott, who lives in Lincoln, said: “I got involved with Decembeard through Beating Bowel Cancer after being diagnosed with the disease in March 2014, aged 32.

“After having life-saving surgery and six months of chemotherapy, I wanted to do something to raise money and awareness but obviously wasn’t feeling great so Decembeard was ideal.

“I managed to raise £1,000 last year which I was delighted with. It is just a fantastic and easy way to raise money for a fantastic charity which has offered great support to me since my diagnosis. With beards becoming more and more fashionable, why not raise money at the same time?

“Unfortunately my cancer was found to have metastasised to my spine in May 2015, and I am now undergoing my second round of chemotherapy but it is not stopping me doing Decembeard again this year.

“I want to do all I can to raise awareness of bowel cancer, which now affects 1 in 17 people and cares not for age!

“People need to know the symptoms and not be scared to get checked out.”

Scott added: “I am now 34 and I married my loving wife, Lauren, in August 2015 after my new diagnosis was confirmed. I have an amazing seven year old son, Jacob.

“It is them and my loving family that I will keep fighting for and creating as many memories as I can. I have already ticked off some of my bucket list, while others are never going to happen due to their cost, but the more memories I can create the better.

“Whilst my cancer does not define me, I will now always have it, it will always be there but it will not stop me living my life while I can.

“I intend to ensure my son always knows who is dad was.”

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